The Perfect Tool-Tidy

How is your Services Menu coming along? Getting a little big and unwieldy? For those who haven't discovered it yet, the Services Menu is one of those OSX "Aha!" features.

Accessible from any application's first menu, it provides a list of services that can act upon selected text or files. Some of these services are part of the OS -- some are added to the menu by installed applications.

This is all good news so far, but some of the services you may not need; they may be put there by applications that you have installed, but never use.

Above is my Services Menu. Notice how compact it is?

Inside each application bundle there's a file called info.plist, where, among other data, the Services information is stored.

Service Scrubber goes into that file and disables the Service Menu entries. It's all very painless: Just run Service Scrubber and un-check the entries that you don't want shown.