Hot Sides

Mouse Triggers is a plug-in for the Triggers preferences. The setup example below shows that left-clicking on the left edge of the screen will invoke an action—in this case: opening the Desktop folder.

Once set up, active sides and corners of your screen glow as you hover over them, and momentarily show a hint as to their actions. You can see below that right-clicking will open the Articles folder, left-clicking will open Desktop, and Ctrl-left-clicking will open the Applications folder.

These features are only available when Advanced Beta Features are turned on via the preferences.

Huge Reminders

If you want to remind yourself to do something the next time you wake your Mac. Bring up the Quicksilver window and type a period, followed by the reminder text.

Then press Enter for the default action, which is Large Type, and you get a display like this...

Only it's the full width of the screen! Then sleep your Mac and it's still there when you wake it up.

Recent Docs

Bring up the Quicksilver window and type the name of the app you want to open, and then press the right arrow to put the most recent document that was opened with that app into focus, with the other most recent docs off to the right.

Then just arrow to the one you want and press Enter to open it or Tab for more options.

Text Chunks

If you call up a text document in Quicksilver and then right-arrow, you'll see a list of the paragraphs in that document. If you now arrow to the paragraph you want and Tab you can choose to paste just that paragraph into whatever you're currently working on, or compose an email that contains that text, or whatever...

You can also bring up Quicksilver, type a period, followed by some new text, then Tab and choose to Append or Prepend the text that you entered: to an existing text file.